There are now four Mountain Horse breeds, The Mountain Pleasure Horse Association, The Rocky Mountain Horse Association, The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and The Spotted Mountain Horse Association; all having registries based in Kentucky, U.S.A.

Cowboy, a Mountain Horse for saleAll types of mountain horses primarily have the same traits and characteristics, breed differences being genetic foundation and some diversity in registration and certification criteria. The basic characteristics are: a medium-sized horse of gentle temperament and easy to handle, with a smooth lateral four-beat gait, being a single foot or rack. When the horse moves, you can count four distinct hoof beats of equal rhythm, just like the walk. Each individual horse has its own speed and natural way of going, traveling at an average of 7-20 miles per hour. This is a naturally occurring gait, present from birth, that does not require any training aids or action devices and is very comfortable to ride.

The Mountain Horse usually has a solid body color featuring all colors, but the crowd favorite is a chocolate body color with white or flax mane and tail.  The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association initiated the Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse Association to include Mountain Horses who posses the same gait and temperament but have a variety of color and spots over the horse’s body.  All Mountain Horses are very easy keepers and because of its nature can tolerate winters with minimum shelter.

Rocky Mountain Horses and Kentucky Mountain HorsesThe breeds originated about 200 years ago in the hills of eastern Kentucky. One might say they are a “do it all kinda horse”. The Mountain Horse could pull a plow or cart, work cattle, be ridden by children to the fishing hole or ridden to town comfortably. These horses have a lot of natural endurance. They are sure-footed on rough ground and can cover a great distance without tiring.  Because of their unique gait, minimum effort is required by both horse and rider.

Anna's Desert Storm - Mountain Horse StallionToday the Mountain Horse is being enjoyed as a pleasure horse, trail horse, competitive show horse and for endurance riding.

A common statement once a rider feels the gait for the first time is: “I’ll never trot again!”

You can only stand to gain by getting to know these kind horses.

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